Our introdution

Vámco Vámügynökség Kft. was founded in Szombathely in 1990.

Our main line: customs administration and real estate, letting of property. VAT and customs storage is also included in our scope in relation to customs administration. In addition, we administer environment protection product fees. We assist in the payment or registration taxes, operate a customs bond office and give tax and customs advices to our customers.

The company’s seat is situated at Selyemrét utca 5., Szombathely, in the Claudius Industrial Park.

Our logistic centre built as a green field investment has been operating since December 2002. The only customs house type I of Vas county operates also at our seat. Firms displaying significant logistic activities rent warehouses and offices in our facility.

We have been providing our high-standard services for two decades, which are supported by a commercial lawyer, a customs administrator, a tax advisor, a certified accountant, a product fee administrator and a logistic colleague as all as our customer-oriented attitude.

Organisational membership:

Vám- Jövedéki és Adóügyi Szolgáltatók Szövetsége

Vámco Vámügynökség Kft.
H-9700 Szombathely, Selyemrét u. 5.
Tel: +36 94 506 560
fax: +36 94 506 566