The only customs house type I in Vas county where customs clearance can be directly initiated is located at our seat.

In addition to full export and import customs administration, our clients can request customs clearance of parcels and containersAccounting of pre-registered goods subject to duty is performed at the request of several partners. Based on our customers’ appointments, we have been drawing INTRASTAT reports to be forwarded to the Central Statistical Office for more then ten years. In addition to our business partners, we offer help also to private customs clearances in the case of immigration, re-settling or moving.

Improved infrastructure and trained customs administrators provide for the fast and most accurate administration.


We have to obtain the following permits for customs administration: 

  • Customs agent permit
  • Addressee/sender permit
  • Electronic customs administration permit
  • Temporary storage facility permit
  • Customs warehouse type A permit
  • Tax warehouse permit (VAT)
  • Comprehensive guarantee permit (TC31)
  • Guarantee permit
  • AEO permit
  • Simplified customs procedure permit
  • Payment via OTP Bank customs terminal.

Our main partners:

Opel Szentgotthárd Autóipari Kft.
Luk Savaria Kft.
Delphi Hungary Kft.
Falco Zrt.
Coveris Rigid Hungary Kft.
Plati Elettrofornitur S.P.A.

Dr. Balázs Stampfel, legal advisor

commercial lawyer

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